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Mosha Katani has worked as a makeu artist and in the beauty field for over two decades.  She has worked with many of the cosmetic companies, keyed fashion shows, worked on commercials, music videos and shoots.


LA Times Blog

A strong, smoky eye
Those of us who wear eye makeup every day know how labor-intensive and time-consuming applying it can be. I think I’ve found something that may help us shave some time off our daily routine.

Sormeh powder is a sooty black powder that has been used by women in Middle Eastern countries for centuries. L.A.-based makeup artist Mosha Katani has started selling the powder, packaging it in ruby glass bottles that come with a vial of powder and a brush. The powder, which is made from castor oil and zinc oxide, is $48 and is sold here.

Somewhat like henna, sormeh stays on the skin even after being washed. I lined my eyes last Thursday and even after washing and scrubbing my face, there was still a black line around my eyes for almost 3 days. It was smudgy, but just required a touch-up in the morning, so I didn’t walk out of the house looking like Courtney Love after a really bad night.

The application can get messy if you don’t have a super-stealth hand, but luckily a very little bit goes a very long way, creating a strong, intense black line on the eyelid. 

If your holiday makeup plans include a super-smoky eye that doesn’t run or smudge, sormeh powder is just the thing to take you from a New Year’s Eve party to the next morning without the dreaded “day after” look.

- Melissa Magsaysay

Riviera Magazine_ OC

Riviera Magazine_ OC

American Express Presents Sormeh by Mosha Katani


Sormeh by Mosha Katani
Mosha touching up her makeup and applying Sormeh on a client #Riviera_Magazine_OC

Mosha touching up her makeup and applying Sormeh on a client #Riviera_Magazine_OC