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What is Sormeh?

A natural sooty powder perfect for the waterline and needs to removal.  It gradually wears off.  Its been used in cosmetics for centuries but this is a clean safe ingredient. Made in the USA.

Sormeh- Kohl Eyeliner


Don't think of this kohl eyeliner pigment (sormeh) as makeup; you do not "put it on and take it off" it becomes apart of you. 
Extremely rich, kohl eyeliner in the form of a powder is suitable for anyone who wants a more defined, illuminated eye.

Use wet, dry, or with the sealer for a sleek long lasting cat eye.


Made in California, USA

Mosha wanted to bring a safe, non-irritating eyeliner kohl to the market. After sampling various liners imported from places like India and Iran, She decided to make her own in California.



This formula is 99% natural. Mosha was able to mimic the feeling of a light, sooty kohl powder (or Sormeh in Persian) by using other ingredients, such as bamboo powder. This product can be used on the waterline.

Becomes a Part of You

This formulation is exclusive and is made with the highest ingredients, safe and requires no washing off. Sormeh becomes a part of you.