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The Agency

Marketing, Branding, Licensing, Social Media, Events, Retail and E-Commerce specialists.

The Agency is a Consulting firm that helps in all facets of business development, retail, e-commerce, marketing, social media, events, master classes as well as product development and packaging.  We have the highest standards and work with teams that are as passionate as we are about what they do.  Call or email us for inquiries. +39 3388052039

Mosha Katani, CEO

Mosha Katani, CEO


Mosha Katani

With over 20 years in the beauty and fashion industry, Mosha is the go to for any beauty brand emerging on the scene.  Mosha works with brands to develop placement in the busy retail market.  She educates brands in retail marketing, social media presence and e-commerce.  Mosha's experience and knowledge of ingredients, events (master classes) and outreach has kept her as a top executive.  Mosha's experience is the unique combination of art meets commerce since she has the skills of a professional makeup artist, worked for a decade as a fashion and beauty agent and has been a force in sales with some of the beauty industries top brands, agencies and artists.  To hire our consulting services please email us at                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Marco Marini, CFO

Marco Marini, CFO

Marco Marini

Marco Marini met Mosha back in 2012, the two would soon get married and form a united bond.  Marco is an attorney but while living in the USA he worked creating some of LA's best events.  He managed to have the top celebrities attend his events for the Oscars, Emmy's, Grammy's, Dancing with the Stars and hundreds of movie premieres.  His keen eye for detail, balancing budgets and calm under pressure personality made him the event director of choice.  Marco has worked with Spago in Beverly Hills / Wolfgang Puck, Alberico Nunziata Masterchef as well as top international sommeliers reaching from Los Angeles to Italy.  He is excellent with budgeting costs for clients who look to create exclusive events in the States and Italy.